Lessons From 1986 Videos

On November 6, 2014, ICIRR brought back some of its founders to talk about lessons from the 1986 immigration reform, and how communities responded to the wave of inquiries about becoming citizens.  Our hope is that these lessons from 1986 will inspire those who are preparing for to implement administrative relief in Chicago-area communities.

Lessons from 1986 - Highlights 


Click below to see additional videos from the event

Full Presentation - Craig Mousin, Midwest Immigrant Rights Center

Full Presentation - Bernadine Karge, Former Staff Attorney, Archdiocesan Latin American Committee

Full Presentation - Galen Carey, Former Midwest Area Director, World Relief

Full Presentation - David Marzahl, Former Executive Director, ICIRR

Full Presentation - Sioban Albiol, Clinical Instructor, DePaul University Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic (on DACA)


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